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Hello, I’m Bharat Sharma! I am 28 years old. Health Adviser, Blogger, SEO Expert, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Expert, International Chess Player with Elo Rating 1356. I have graduated from Graphic Era University Did BSC Degree After that Clear the Exam of Certified Health, Started Earning Money at College Time. I have participated in various Sports contests like Cricket, Badminton, Chess, Shooting, Boxing, & Tikamando won several awards. I m Working as Google Publisher, Has a Website 6-year-old Currently world Rank 7000, Starting a New E-Commerce Website. Participated in DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organisation) Cyber Security Tournament 2017 & Get 99th Rank in India were Only 239 were able to Solve among 1480 Verified Members. As A Sports Lover Yearly Have Been Organized Many Successful Sports Event Like District Chess, Badminton, & Cricket Tournaments

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  • Are your Feet Running Fit? -
    It’s not just your body that needs TLC after a run. Go the distance with these therapeutic foot stretches Did you know that an incredible 25 percent of all the bones in your body are found below your ankle? No, we didn’t either! It’s just one reason that it’s so important to take care of...
  • How to Train Like an Elite 2020 -
    Could you sign up for an online coaching plan from a pro athlete to help fast-track your performance? H&F investigates… Every great athlete is a great coach, but hiring a sports expert is a luxury many think they can’t afford. Instead, everyday exercisers turn to the next best thing – books or guides to help...
  • 4 Stretches Exercise that will pay your body back as you -
    Flexibility is the Key to Your Health As we age, we often lose flexibility. It can make stretching harder— but also more important. “It’s funny how simple stretches can change your life,” says Janice Lennard, a yoga and Pilates instructor based in Rancho Mirage, Calif. “You hold your body straighter and move more easily, and...
  • Are Fruits and Veggies Beyond Your Budget? -
    Many people on a tight budget, including college students, think that fruits and vegetables are beyond their budget. Maybe a carton of orange juice and a package of carrots are affordable, but five to nine servings a day? No way. If that sounds like you, it’s time for some facts. In 2011, the U.S. Department...
  • How to Reduce Empty Calorie Foods -
    Avoid empty calories, that is, high-calorie foods and drinks with little nutritional value. MyPlate recommends we limit our intake of sugary drinks as well as the following sugar- and fat-laden items: Cakes, cookies, pastries, and donuts. One slice of chocolate cake contains 77 percent empty calories. Cheese. Switching from whole milk mozzarella cheese to nonfat...
  • What are the Characteristics of Healthy Relationships -
    Satisfying and stable relationships are based on good communication, intimacy, friendship, and other factors. A key ingredient is a trust, the degree to which each partner feels he or she can rely on the integrity of the other. Without trust, intimacy will not develop, and the relationship will likely fail. Trust includes three fundamental elements:...
  • How to overcome your SLEEP struggles -
    Does getting a good night’s rest and waking refreshed feel like an impossible dream? Dr. Neil Stanley has research-based advice to help make it a reality Rest well, LIVE BETTER Is poor sleep blighting your life? The first thing you need to do is assess whether you’re actually falling short, says expert Dr. Neil Stanley...
  • Fight bad breath naturally 2020 -
    If you’re worried about how your breath smells at close quarters, dietitian Katrina Pace comes to the rescue with simple tips. For many of us, finishing a cup of coffee leaves us yearning for an extra-strong mint — so imagine how you’d feel if your mouth constantly smelled or tasted like that. For many people,...
    Try these five strategies to sail through the festive period with more energy … STAY HYDRATED Drinking enough water can make a big difference in how you feel. Aim for about eight glasses a day. SNACK SMART It’s easy to reach for leftover chocolate, but it’ll leave you with a sugar crash. Go for nuts,...
  • Natural fixes for bad breath 2020 -
    1 Avoid pungent substances Steer clear of strong-tasting food, drink, and alcohol. Coffee, onions, garlic, and spicy foods are the main food culprits — but you may discover others. If avoiding all of these doesn’t make any difference, reintroduce themone at a time. 2 Chew on some fresh parsley In studies that did not focus...

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